The Ultimate Lifestyle Weight Loss & Fitness Pack by Paul Knight

The Ultimate Lifestyle Weight Loss & Fitness Pack

Imagine no gyms or diets but still being fit, slim and happy without drastically changing your day!

Do you want to lose some weight, tone up your wobbly bits, de-stress your life, cope better, feel like you are back in control and start enjoying life again?

When I ask this question, the typical answers are;
  • "I simply don't have the time to make all that happen".
  • "I always start with good intentions, but it doesn't last very long, so I stop".
  • "I've tried the lot, dieting, gyms and self help books. It didn't work."
There are literally thousands of people exactly like you, who live in the real world and not an advert!! Who have to go to work, look after the home and family and try to fit in a social life. A REALITY!

Folks who want to be happy, fit and slim but think it's always going to be an uphill battle because thats what it has always been in the past! NOT ANY MORE!!

Get your hands on a unique blend of fitness, weight loss and life coaching you simply won't find anywhere else, that is all in one place, and at such a low price!

With this mega pack of lifestyle goodies, you will be guided step by step through a series of proven programs, creating new and empowering habits and behaviours in your life with awesome results.

Discover a better, more empowering way of eating, thinking and moving that is easy to do, and more importantly, easy to keep going. Sustainable life change on your terms! In Brief, this is what you get...

  • Simple workouts you can do anywhere, anytime
  • Hypnosis tracks to improve your mind and motivation
  • Tips and tricks to improve your busy life
  • A slimming plan without dieting
  • Your self esteem sent through the roof

YOU Can Start Changing S**t 30 Seconds From Now! 
Discover life changing NLP, Hypnosis, behavioural change, weight loss and fitness coaching delivered by audio, video and books individually worth £144.00


How Much Money Have You Wasted Trying To Lose Weight, Get Fit And Be Happy In The Past Anyway?
Take a moment now to consider this, you will be shocked! Then decide was it worth it?


No More searching for the perfect diet – no more looking for the latest fitness class – no more wishing you could be the person you really want to be. Don't you think that doing the same things and expecting different outcomes is madness. Time to do something different to get something different!

  • Discover a different approach to weight loss
  • Get the same benefits of 3 hours a week in the gym without going
  • Have your mind working for you and not against you so you actually succeed this time

kind things others are saying...

This was so easy to stick to and I never usually stick to anything!
I changed the way I do things and feel great because of it
So simple and now my friends are doing it with me too

All This Is Yours And Just A Click Away

5 Life Book

Is life getting you down? Do you want an easy way to fight back? ‘5 Life’ empowers you to take a refreshingly simple approach to life
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Affiliate Program

Earn 30% Commission For Telling People About My Products. Easy to set up. Easy to do. Even for technophobes!

Choose To Be Happy

Success in life is easier with a happy mind. Time to get your happy happening and let go of the grumpy
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The Belief Buster

Do you want to live a happier life? What's holding you back? It's probably only you! Let's change that right now and start to change the way you think about yourself and the life you have around you!

The complete 5 minute workout plan

Discover how to turn your everyday life into a workout without having to turn your everyday life upside down in order to do it. Perfect for the busy woman

The Mindful Slimming Plan

Imagine having a step by step plan to make meal times a slimming experience you actually enjoyed and created behaviours that made sensible eating a habit, ALL DAY! Start mindful slimming and see the difference today.


I invite you to join the wellness program like no other in the UK. Easy to use on any device, available 24 hours a day.


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A Bit About Me :)

Bringing old school thinking right up to date!
As a life long fitness trainer, lifestyle coach and NLP practitioner, I have stripped down to the essentials everything you need to become fitter, slimmer and in control of your busy modern lifestyle without the need for gyms or diets. It's that simple you will be wishing you had been doing it this way for years!