The Mindful Slimming Plan

The mindful approach to cooking, shopping and eating differently to lose weight

It starts here, a new way of looking at dieting, slimming, weight loss, whatever words you care to use!

From this moment on, today, now, you will begin to understand the words you choose to use for a diet to mean 'WAY OF LIFE'! You now have a unique opportunity to change the way you do things without having to change what you are doing in order to do it!

Imagine if the 'bad' things that we all like to call 'goodies' were not in the cupboard or the fridge in the first place. If they are, wouldn't it be a fantastic feeling to be able to consciously choose to ignore them?

Sometimes it's how you are eating more than what you are eating.

Especially if you're busy with more than eating on your mind! Getting slimmer starts at the supermarket, actually, it starts before you get there! Being mindful, focused and organised are the first steps to a slimmer you. Easier said than done when you are run off your feet. Not any more.

Introducing Mindful slimming

How to focus your mind
Mindful shopping
Mindful eating
How to stop snacking

Plus 2 awesome hypnosis tracks

which embeds your new behaviours successfully into your mind! It's a head start you don't get on other courses (pardon the pun).

Imagine having a step by step plan to make meal times a slimming experience you actually enjoyed

  • Creating behaviours that made sensible eating a habit, ALL DAY! 
  • Making better shopping choices
  • Enjoying eating the food you buy
  • Making the choice to leave the food that makes you fat on the shelf
Start mindful slimming and see the difference today.

Kind words from a happy slimmer

The simple trick you told me to stop snacking at night changed everything for me. I find I'm doing it with everything now lol. Thank you so much
Happy Lizzy

What's included?

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Getting started
A hypno a day keeps the weight at bay!
3D Easy Weight Loss.mp3
18 mins
Focus Your Mind
You only find what you ask your mind to look for.
The Fast List.pdf
6.17 MB
Mindful Shopping
The list
mindful shopping in store.pdf
1.89 MB
At the supermarket
Mindful Cooking
Kitchen tips
Mindful Eating
Water-1-2 Stop
water 1 2 stop visual
439 KB
6 mins
Stop Snacking
14 mins
stop snacking tips.mp3
10 mins
What Next?
How to make money while slimming!


Got another question?

Not quite sure if this is for you and would like some more info before to decide, no problem, I'm always happy to help, just ask

Will I lose weight?

If you follow the rules and implement these simple changes then yes. If you combine them with healthy food then yes. If you do nothing then no.

Are there any food plans in this?

Yes. A little but this is not a diet. The focus is on your eating habits. The types of food to include in your day included but no meal plans