The Busy Woman's guide to fitness, life and weight loss by Paul Knight

The Busy Woman's guide to fitness, life and weight loss

Now you can say goodbye to the diets and gyms that you have no time for anyway!

How to skyrocket your life in just 5 minutes!

Imagine this;
You sit and read a book. You implement the simple step by step actions. Your life starts to get better. My book will empower you to begin living your life on your terms, and improve the way you look and feel along the way.

If you want to be fitter, slimmer and less stressed, but feel you don't have the time THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

What's inside?

52 pages packed with actionable steps you can implement today, right now, this very moment in your life! 5minute exercises, Mindful slimming tips, how to live mindfully and think differently!

Written specifically with the busy woman in mind, you will discover the common sense secrets to getting s**t done in the real world you live your life in.

A great read

"Walk like you're late, sit up straight and add one thing at a time. I didn't think it would make a difference but it did. Such an easy to follow book I told all my friends. Thanks x"
Dawn (Therapist)

Instant access

With a click of a button you can start changing things in your life! I will also send you regular newsletters with yet more tips and advice to keep your new lifestyle cooking on gas!

What's included?

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