The 5 Life Journal by Paul Knight

The 5 Life Journal

The life you want armed only with a pen and a guided journal one day at a time

The journal for busy women

30 days of journaling and scrapbooking your way to the life you really want to live. The perfect companion for ALL your courses. 

Your new life goal

"to be mentally and physically able to enjoy my life and to do something positive towards that every day. One day at a time, one step at a time"

A proven method for success - write it down! A pattern of behaviour that keeps you focused, motivated and accountable to yourself. The journal is all laid out for you and guides you through each day. 

30 days and beyond

Yes it's a 30 day journal BUT when you have completed it, just download it again for the next 30 days. That means a life long journaling and scrapbooking experience paid for only once!

Make feeling like this a 5 minute job and armed with a pen! :))

"Just putting the smile on the face in my journal before leaving the house sets me up for the day. It works a treat, Thanks Paul"
Paula Thomas (member)
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What's included

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Lifestyle, Fitness & Weight Loss For Busy Women

Build the life you want in a body you like on your terms while still getting on with the day.