5 Life Club by Paul Knight

5 Life Club

The Fitness & Lifestyle Club Every Busy Woman Wants To Be In

Do you want to lose some weight, tone up your wobbly bits, de-stress your life, cope better, feel like you are back in control and start enjoying life again?

Do you want to live a happier life in a body you actually like BUT lack motivation and commitment and have probably tried everything but got nowhere! 
Looking for a supportive community of like-minded women (plus me) who live in the real world and not an advert! This is the place to be. You will not get this amount of unique life and fitness coaching anywhere else, that is all in one place and at such a low price!

A New Life In A New Way

For a ridiculously low monthly fee, you can join us and get access to an ever-growing library of simple, 5-minute lifestyle and fitness hacks, and discover how to easily fit them into your day. The life you lead now, without having to turn your life upside down in order to do it.

Here you can forget the diets and the gym memberships because, with them, you will probably have to change too many things in your life to even start, let alone stick to them. BUT NOT HERE!


  • More 5 minute workouts
  • Additional Mindful slimming techniques without dieting
  • Better food choices and advice
  • Monthly newsletter packed with 5 minute lifestyle hacks
  • Free updates on all the courses as they come online
  • Regular challenges with plenty of support
  • A private Facebook group just for members to chat
  • A coach you can ask

Membership includes the popular mindful slimming plan, the 5 minute workout plan, the belief buster course, total body relaxation and other hypnosis tracks Plus much more.


PLUS member only discounts & events

As a member, you can take advantage of money off offers on exciting new products and events as they happen. You will be the first to know what's going on and where as it happens!

I Love it!

"why hasn't anyone told me this before? It's stupidly simple and I made more progress than all of the other fitness and diet fads I tried before - and failed at BTW!" 

Sarah (member)

Easy to join, Easy to do, Easy to leave

Being a member will enable you to break free from the shackles of an ordinary life of mindless dieting and pointless visits to the gym, or never feeling that you are in control of your own life and everything that goes with it!

Get Instant Access Today And Start Changing S**t !

Questions people ask

I'm not good with tech. Is this ok for me?

As long as you have a mobile, tablet or PC you are good to go. It's a simple case of press login. The platform is so simple to use.

How long does the membership last?

As long as you feel you want to be in it. There is no contract and you can cancel anytime with the click of a button.

What do I get in the membership as it's so inexpensive?

Quite a lot really, don't let the price fool you! Access to a private Facebook group, courses, life coaching, fitness coaching, mindful slimming, regular challenges, regular newsletters packed with lifestyle tips etc. If there's something else you want in there just let me know!

Got a question before you sign up?

No problem, happy to help, just email me paul@paulknightcoaching.com

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5 Life Club

£15 / month
£150 / year (save 17%)
The new approach to life and fitness for busy women

You will not get this amount of unique life, weight loss, fitness coaching and support anywhere else, that is all in one place and at such a low price!
Includes access to 7 products:
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Lifestyle, Fitness & Weight Loss For Busy Women

Build the life you want in a body you like on your terms while still getting on with the day.