Five Life Club by Paul Knight

Five Life Club

"join this refreshingly simple way of life today and feel the difference straight away"

Do you want to lose some weight, tone up your wobbly bits, de-stress your life, cope better, feel like you are back in control and start enjoying life again?

When I ask this question, the typical answers are;

  • "I simply don't have the time to make all that happen".
  • "I always start with good intentions, but it doesn't last very long, so I stop".
  • "I've tried the lot, dieting, gyms and self help books. It didn't work."

If That Sounds Familiar, You Are Not Alone

There are literally thousands of people exactly like you, who live in the real world and not an advert!! Who have to go to work, look after the home and family and try to fit in a social life. A REALITY!

Folks who want to be happy, fit and slim but think it's always going to be an uphill battle because thats what it has always been in the past! 

That's why I created the 5 Life Club especially for you

"In my 35 years of helping people realise their goals, 2 things stand out loud and clear, Time and Commitment. Finding the time to start a lifestyle change and the motivation to keep it going."


Paul Knight :)

Imagine for just one minute

You could forget about all the trendy gimmicks, confusing diets and wonder workouts out there, and do something real and simple that actually works!

Imagine that, by spending just 5 minutes of focused action, movement or thought,  you are quickly able to develop new and more empowering ways of being in control of your life.

Moments that are easy to do and will easily fit in to your BUSY day, without changing your day. Behaviours, habits and patterns that will become a normal way of life, with awesome consequences.

What people are saying

"It never occurred to me that things could change so quickly when I put my mind to it. Love the fact that it only took me 5 minutes at a time. Thanks Paul x"
Dawn. Five Life Member
"I would recommend Paul as a coach to anyone and I never do that normally. He has opened my eyes!"
Paula. Five Life Member
"Well I’m down a stone just by making 1 change. I walked like I was late just like you said. I’m shocked!"
Alex. Five Life member

Say hello to the Five Life Club :)

A simple and affordable monthly membership where anything is possible by implementing this simple motto ...

“To be physically and mentally able to enjoy my life and to take positive steps towards that every day.”

Adopting this simple attitude to life, and having the know-how and motivation to achieve it, will quickly result in you being happier, fitter and slimmer PERMANENTLY! Before you know it, you will be doing far better than folks who try to hit the gym or go on diets! Now you can end the constant yo-yo thing forever.

Here's a sample of what you get as a member...


Get monthly fitness, weight loss and lifestyle articles for members only, packed with challenges, tips and hacks you can easily implement in to your busy life right now, sent straight to your inbox!

Easy to follow courses like these...

And all future courses and updates added free to your membership!

Printable's that work

Get instant access to life changing journals and ebooks like these

Take a look


Join & be part of the exclusive five life community. Get inspired to do something different. Connect with five life members in our Facebook Private Group.

PLUS Live chat with me.

Discounts & earn money too!

Get members only offers and news on upcoming events. PLUS, earn yourself some extra cash the easiest way possible with the 5 life affiliate plan. Tell your friends and get paid for it.

I Love it!

"why hasn't anyone told me this before? It's stupidly simple and I made more progress than all of the other fitness and diet fads I tried before - and failed at BTW!" 

Sarah (member)

Choose your adventure below.

Getting started is easy, just choose the level you want, hit subscribe and follow the simple sign up instructions.

Take the five life club for a free spin around the block or jump straight in for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee per week!  Unsubscribe at any time. No contract.

Get Instant Access Today And Start Changing S**t!  Discover a better, more empowering way of eating, thinking and moving that is easy to do, and more importantly, easy to keep going. Sustainable life change on your terms!

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5 Life Free

Monthly fitness, weight loss and lifestyle articles and videos packed with challenges, tips and hacks you can easily implement in to your busy life right now! Plus Members Only Special Offers 
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Five Life Club

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Questions people are asking

Why is this different?

As I said before, this is not a lift that eat this coaching platform. Instead we focus on simple things you can do as part of your day, BUT by the end of the week its the same results as hitting the gym or being on a diet (except you are not!)

I need support and motivation, what will I get?

There is a private FB group for us all to share our journeys. In each course and member post, there is a comments section for you to add your thoughts and feedback. 

Some folks have even joined the club with their friends then formed their own WhatsApp group to keep each other going and committed. The choices are endless and I'm on the end of an email anytime. 

What do I get in the membership as it's so inexpensive?

Quite a lot really, don't let the price fool you! Access to life coaching, fitness coaching, mindful slimming, regular challenges, regular newsletters packed with lifestyle tips etc. If there's something else you want in there just let me know! Includes regular free updates.

How long does the membership last?

As long as you feel you want to be in it. There is no contract and you can cancel anytime with the click of a button. Please note you will lose access to all materials when your membership ends.

I'm not good with tech. Is this ok for me?

As long as you have a mobile, tablet or PC you are good to go. It's a simple case of press login. The platform is so simple to use.

Got a question before you sign up?

No problem, happy to help, just email me