Mindful Slimming by Paul Knight

Mindful Slimming

simple 5 minute habits for easy weight loss that will last

What if you could forget about all those complicated and confusing diets but still lose weight!ext

‘Mindful Slimming’, is a self-help weight loss book with a refreshingly simple approach to losing weight.

Written especially for frustrated dieters who desperately want to slim down, but always end up doing the yo-yo thing!

In this easy to read, step by step guide, life long fitness and lifestyle coach Paul Knight introduces you to a number of ways to make better lifestyle choices around food, You will discover…

How to shop mindfully. If it’s not in the cupboard it can’t make you fat!

A new eating pattern to help you slim at every meal

How to stop that nasty habit of snacking at night

Plus much more. Before you know it, you will be slimming without thinking about it.

Part of the 5 life series of books - Simple habit-forming practices for a different way of living, eating, moving and thinking which are both sustainable and life-changing, no matter how busy your life has become.

What's included?

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