How posture effects you and a simple 5 minute workout to improve it
November 07, 2018

I just found this video and I knew you would love to see it.  I made it a few years ago when starting out on my own 5-minute workout journey. The content is still relevant even if the quality is a little suspect. 

It includes a simple but very effective 5-minute workout that most of us can do. Think of it as the sit-down workout. Easily done at home while watching TV. 

Your posture is a very important part of life, it affects your mind and mood. Similarly, your mood affects your posture. Being mindful of it is a positive step towards a better lifestyle in general, but especially for the reasons mentioned in the video.

Take a look and use it as your new challenge, The 5-minute sitting challenge. Done at least once per day as demonstrated in the video. As you begin to feel the difference, incorporate it where ever and whenever you can into your day. At first, you will notice how weak you are in the back, your muscles will be thankful as they become stronger.

Give it a go and please let me know how you get on in the comments

Paul :)
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Paul Knight

You are using muscles that you probably don’t use as you should. We are all guilty of it! Slouching is a modern habit. Yes it does get easier as you back muscles get stronger. Try doing it standing against a wall sometimes if the sitting is an issues. It works the same. Let me know how you get on.

Jennifer Barclay

It looks so easy but it's not! Getting down on the floor is the first hard bit! Five minutes has never seemed so long and getting up again - least said! Hopefully it gets easier the more you do it!!!!!?

Paul Knight

5 minutes of sitting like this Paula is a bit harder than it looks. ;)

Paula Thomas

sitting, I can do that lol x

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