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It's your mind that puts your hand in the fridge. It's your mind that puts your trainers on. Your subconscious mind searches for what you ask it to look for. This unique 6 pack sets your lifestyle up for positive change. Co-created with a Master NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner, it Includes...

What you get

  • Choose to be happy
  • Better self belief
  • Overcoming fears

  • Easy weight loss
  • Stop snacking

  • Exercise motivation

Make Better Choices starting right now!

Every journey starts with a choice, a decision followed by an action. Those choices come from the top down, your mind. But sometimes the mind is held back by beliefs, fears or hang ups based on previous events in your life. Luckily for you that is in the past and now, today, this very moment in time, is the time to change all that.

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Lifestyle Hypnosis Pack

 It's your mind that stops you or pushes you forward. Time to get your mind on your side!

Get your mind focused and moving more, losing weight and de-stressing your life once and for all.

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Hypnosis tracks

Weight Loss
Easy Weight Loss.mp3
18 mins
14 mins
exercise motivation move your body.mp3
13 mins
fears and phobias.mp3
14 mins
choose to be happy.mp3
18 mins
self belief.mp3
15 mins