The complete 5 minute home workout plan by Paul Knight

The complete 5 minute home workout plan

The unique home exercise guide you have been waiting for. It's the same as a free gym pass forever!

The only home workout system you really need and not a gym in sight!

Exercise is just moving. What do you do when you go to the gym or a class? You Move. What do you do when you live your daily life? You move.

The trick is to know how to move to create the desired outcome!

When you move, your body reacts to it. Your mind reacts to it. Your attitude changes, your mood improves and your confidence improves. Unfortunately, modern life has determined how you do that. You are encouraged to go to a gym, a class or go on a diet! That's great if you can keep it up forever, but life always gets in the way. Excuses not to go, begin to get in the way. Before you know it, you have stopped going and you're quickley back at square one again!

NOT ANYMORE. Introducing the easy way to tone your muscles, burn off calories and feel energised all day, every day!

I'm a home fitness specialist, I created this course just for you. Inside you will Discover how to turn your everyday life, the things you do already, into a workout. Then simply add in your new 5 minute workouts to complete the perfect day of exercise without having to turn your day upside down in order to do it!

This course shows you 
  • How to easily create the exercise habit and keep it going
  • Easy workouts you can do anywhere and any time that only take 5 minutes
  • Stupidly simple ways you have never heard of, to include exercise into your day without going anywhere or changing anything!
  • How to get the results you want to see in less time

Say hello to my unique home workout system

You won't get anything like this anywhere else!!

PLUS motivation to exercise hypnosis

It's your mind that puts your trainers on!


Plus all this

  • The Mindful Moving Method
  • The Quick and Quirky exercise habit method
  • The Home Circuit Training method
  • 5 minute home workouts
You get everything for just one simple payment. Available all day, everyday forever!
I want this

"The exercises I'm going to share with you have the same physical benefits as going to the gym with a few extra mental benefits thrown in"

"I'm a certified fitness and life coach with over 35 years of coaching experience, I know what works and what is a waste of your time! The only difference between this and going to a gym is, you will be creating a habit that is so easy to keep going. A pattern of behaviour that can easily be repeated every day".

Oh and no gym memberships to pay for either. In fact, many people taking this course have cancelled theirs!"

Kind words from a happy exerciser

Why didn't anyone tell me about this before? I feel so much better than I did when using the gym and surprisingly, I'm still doing it 3 months later and that's a first for me x

Questions People Ask

Why is this so different?

It's not your usual approach to fitness because it tackles the most common barriers to sticking to a fitness regime, time and commitment. It includes sections for your mind as well as movement.

What equipment will I need?

Not a lot! The only thing I recommend is a simple stretchy exercise band. There is full instruction on how to use it in the course.

I'm not good with tech. Is this for me?

If you have a phone, tablet or computer and can click login, play or download, you are good to go.

Do I have to do this on my own?

Yes and No!
You can obviously include your friends and family into the mix so you have someone to workout with. But this plan is all about you and how you can achieve your goals on your terms. How you can change your life in your way. 

Got a question?

Not sure if this is for you, I'm always happy to help :))

Start Today

Take a simple approach to fitness and never look back!
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30 seconds from now you will have all this at the click of a button with 24/7 access everyday! It's different but it really works.

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What's Included?

Getting started
exercise motivation move your body.mp3
13 mins
Journal to success
Daily 5 minute journal.pdf
72.8 KB
Just Move
The purposeful 5 home workout pack
pk home movement workbook.pdf
297 KB
Exercises you have never heard of but will always do!
How to start
quick and quirky home exercise book.pdf
4.67 MB
Traffic Tuck.pdf
172 KB
sofa stand up.pdf
221 KB
hurry up.pdf
156 KB
kettle wait .pdf
546 KB
Home circuit training
Fun ways to get the body you want
the home workout revolution (circuit training).pdf
6.47 MB
The 5 Minute Workout Plans
The planned 5
5m workout 1 video PT.mp4
7 mins
5m workout 1 upper body.pdf
339 KB
5m workout 2 fat burning.pdf
310 KB
5m workout 3 video PT.mp4
7 mins
5m workout 3 mid section.pdf
472 KB
5m workout 4 video PT.mp4
3 mins
5m workout 4 stamina.pdf
618 KB
5m workout 5 video PT.mp4
5 mins
5m workout 5 thighs and bums.pdf
343 KB
5m workout 6 video PT.mp4
6 mins
5m workout 6 arms and abs..pdf
369 KB
What Next
Keep moving forward
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