The complete home workout guide by Paul Knight

The best way to get fit and easily keep it going

You have no doubt done this - decided that you are going to get fit (again) for what ever the reason is this time, go grab your workout gear (or head to the shops because they don’t fit you anymore), watch a few youtube vids, go jogging or join a gym. You feel motivated and up for it but, after a few weeks, boom, you are back at square one (again). 

But why is that?

Fitness is easy right? You just move more than you did before!
Yep that’s exactly right, but real life has a habit of just getting in the way. The kids, looking after the home, work, a social life maybe. Excuses not to carry on soon raise their ugly heads. Reality and normal behaviours kick back in. And you probably fell into the usual trap of thinking you had to do what the adverts said you should do!

But not only that

The realisation that you tried something and gave up leaves its mental scars too. Now, not only are you still feeling frumpy and out of shape BUT you have the belief you are not good enough to do anything about it! A downward spiral of ‘oh f**k it' why bother! With that attitude it's no wonder it feels like an upward battle.
Not anymore!

Introducing the easy way to tone and shape your muscles, burn off calories and feel energised all day, everyday, without having to go down the gym or join a class!

Even I fell out of love with classes and gyms, and I'm a qualified fitness coach! No one can keep it going forever and when you stop, you stop, and it doesn’t take long for your mind and body to lose its fitness edge. 

While I was traveling around the world in my late 40’s (midlife crisis maybe) I developed a better and much simpler way of keeping my body in shape and the waistline at 32 inches! Using my 40 years of exercise knowledge and experience, I simply created better habits and only did the things that gave the best results the easiest and most enjoyable way possible. On my return to the UK I shared it with my clients, they loved the new way of moving more and thinking better. 

Here's what they are saying to me

"I feel so much better than I did when using the gym and surprisingly, I'm still doing it 3 months later and that's a first for me"
"The kettle wait and all the other mindful movements are a game changer for me. Brilliant. Thanks Paul
"Well I’m down a stone just by making 1 change. I walked like I was late just like you said. I’m shocked"!

Exercise is just moving!

"The trick is to know how to move to create the desired outcome and easily be able to keep it going! This is what I do now and have done for almost 20 years. I'm now sharing it with you".

"It's great for anyone whether you are a beginner or a returner"

In this course I will show you

  • How to easily create the exercise habit and keep it going
  • Easy workouts you can do anywhere and any time that only take 5 minutes
  • Stupidly simple ways you have never heard of, to include exercise into your day without going anywhere or changing anything!
  • How to get the results you want to see in less time
I have stripped down to the essentials everything you need to become fitter, slimmer and in control of your busy modern lifestyle without the need for gyms or diets. It's that simple you will be wishing you had been doing it this way for years! 

What You Get

  • The Mindful Moving Method
  • The Quick and Quirky exercise habit method
  • The Home Circuit Training method
  • 5 minute home workouts
  • Exercise motivation hypnosis
Available 24/7 on any device. Videos, audios, books packed with everything you need to get it right!

The complete home workout guide

The unique exercise and motivation guide you have been waiting for. I invite you to join me inside Sign up today and feel the difference straight away

Questions People Ask

Why is this so different?

It's not your usual approach to fitness because it tackles the most common barriers to sticking to a fitness regime, time and commitment. It includes sections for your mind as well as movement.

What equipment will I need?

Not a lot! You already have it. The only thing I recommend is a simple stretchy exercise band. There is full instruction on how to use it in the course.

I'm not good with tech. Is this for me?

If you have a phone, tablet or computer and can click login, play or download, you are good to go. The course is video, audio and ebooks.

Do I have to do this on my own?

Yes and No!
You can obviously include your friends and family into the mix so you have someone to workout with. But this plan is all about you and how you can achieve your goals on your terms. How you can change your life in your way. 

Got a question?

Not sure if this is for you, I'm always happy to help :)) Click the blue instant chat button, if I'm not online, I will get straight back to you. Or email me

30 seconds from now you will have all this at the click of a button with 24/7 access everyday! It's different but it really works.

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What's Included?

Getting started
exercise motivation move your body.mp3
13 mins
Journal to success
Daily 5 minute journal.pdf
72.8 KB
Just Move
The purposeful 5 home workout pack
Home movement workbook
297 KB
Exercises you have never heard of but will always do!
How to start
quick and quirky home exercise book
4.67 MB
Traffic Tuck.pdf
172 KB
sofa stand up.pdf
221 KB
hurry up.pdf
156 KB
kettle wait .pdf
546 KB
Home circuit training
Fun ways to get the body you want
the home workout revolution (circuit training).pdf
6.47 MB
The 5 Minute Workout Plans
The planned 5
5m workout 1 video PT.mp4
7 mins
5m workout 1 upper body.pdf
339 KB
5m workout 2 fat burning.pdf
310 KB
5m workout 3 video PT.mp4
7 mins
5m workout 3 mid section.pdf
472 KB
5m workout 4 video PT.mp4
3 mins
5m workout 4 stamina.pdf
618 KB
5m workout 5 video PT.mp4
5 mins
5m workout 5 thighs and bums.pdf
343 KB
5m workout 6 video PT.mp4
6 mins
5m workout 6 arms and abs..pdf
369 KB
What Next
Keep moving forward
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