Easy Fitness And Weight Loss Pack by Paul Knight

The best way to get fit, lose weight and easily keep it going.

Perfect for beginners who want the perfect start, or returners and 'yo-yoers' who want to finally get it right this time!

You have no doubt done this - decided that you are going to get fit (again) or lose weight (again) for what ever the reason is this time. So you go grab your workout gear (or head to the shops because they don’t fit you anymore), watch a few youtube vids, go jogging or join a gym. Your old weight loss group beckons again or you dig out the old stuff from the last time. You feel motivated and up for it but, after a few weeks, boom, you are back at square one (again). 

But Why is That?

Fitness is easy right? You just move more than you did before! Losing weight is just putting less crap in your mouth! Yep that’s exactly right, but real life has a habit of just getting in the way. The kids, looking after the home, work, a social life maybe. Your mood! Excuses not to carry on soon raise their ugly heads. Reality and normal behaviours kick back in. 

Not Only That

The realisation that you tried something and gave up leaves its mental scars too. Now, not only are you still feeling frumpy and out of shape BUT you have the belief you are not good enough to do anything about it! A downward spiral of ‘oh f**k it' why bother! With that attitude it's no wonder it feels like an upward battle (again).
Not anymore!

Introducing the easy way to tone and shape your body, lose the Ilbs and feel energised all day, everyday, without having to go to the gym or join a class!

Perfect for beginners who want the perfect start, or returners and 'yo-yoers' who want to finally get it right this time!

This unique fitness and weight loss pack takes you step by step through 2 courses of awesomeness. Creating eating, moving and thinking patterns of behaviour that will have a lasting effect on how you look and feel. 

What's included in the pack?

The complete home workout guide

Discover how to turn your everyday life into a workout without having to turn your everyday life upside down in order to do it. Forget gyms!

The Mindful Slimming Plan

Imagine having a step by step plan to make meal times a slimming experience you actually enjoyed the easiest way possible!

PLUS 3 Awesome hypnosis tracks

which embeds your new behaviours successfully into your mind! It's a head start you don't get on other courses (pardon the pun).

Thats £70 of fitness and weight loss goodies for just £49.00 (and you can pay in instalments too!!)

You will discover

  • How to easily create the exercise habit and keep it going
  • Easy workouts you can do anywhere and any time that only take 5 minutes
  • Stupidly simple ways you have never heard of, to include exercise into your day without going anywhere or changing anything!
  • How to get the results you want to see in less time
  • How to focus your mind
  • Why mindful eating is the key to weight loss
  • How to easily stop snacking at night
  • Creating behaviours that make sensible eating a habit, ALL DAY! 
  • Making better shopping choices and leave the food that makes you fat on the shelf etc...
Not just one course but two, both packed with videos, eating patterns, hypnosis tracks, books and more. YOUR step by step pathway to success!

Now ask yourself this question

Easy Fitness And Weight Loss Pack

The perfect start to looking and feeling awesome the easiest way possible. No more Yo-Yo for you! Available 24/7 on any device. Sign up today and feel the difference straight away :)

Jo Said This

"I've lost about a stone and have so much more energy"
Jo Browne

A Bit About Me :)

Bringing old school thinking right up to date!
As a life long fitness trainer, lifestyle coach and NLP practitioner specialising in home and outdoor exercise, I have stripped down to the essentials everything you need to become fitter, slimmer and in control of your busy modern lifestyle without the need for gyms or diets. It's that simple you will be wishing you had been doing it this way for years!