It starts here, a new way of looking at dieting, slimming, weight loss, whatever words you care to use!

From this moment on, today, now, you will begin to understand the words you choose to use to mean 'WAY OF LIFE'!

You now have a unique opportunity to change the way you do things without having to change what you are doing in order to do it! It all starts in the mind. There is no right or wrong way to work with this course, everyone is different with different lives to lead. Just notice how things change as you implement your new 'way of life', your new patterns of behaviour and thinking.

Consider this

Before it goes into your mouth, you have to decide what you want to buy. Then go get it, then prepare it, then eat it. It is a pattern you follow all the time unless you decide to go on a diet. Then the pattern changes for a while. But, 9 times out of 10, you revert back to the same familiar pattern of behaviour. What you eat and how much you eat depends on this pattern. 

Time to change it permanently!

If time is an issue, your food most probably comes out of the microwave, over a counter or through the car window. But you had to buy it first! Before you bought it you made a decision, an assumption, based on your past behaviours and current habits. Time to change things around a bit! As a busy working mum, you have other people to think of too, not just yourself. 

Time to become the leader of your little tribe.

When you shop, you see all the bright coloured packets that say eat me. I’m easy to prepare and good for you. They wouldn’t say I’m crap, don’t bother, would they! It’s good marketing, not good nutrition. You choose what you see, the supermarket product placement and layouts determine that. When you go shopping, you follow a pattern, the same route around the store, the same foods go in the trolley. When you shop, you do it in a rush, you’re busy! 

Let’s prepare to shop, then shop better! 

Food is in the kitchen, it’s probably all in the same place it has always been. Do you ‘ping’ it or cook it? Do you prepare it or do it off the cuff. When you eat, are you at the table or watching TV on the sofa? Are you mindful or mindless? Do you enjoy your food or just eat it? How long does it take to eat your food? What do you do after the meal? These eating patterns and behaviours are repeated over time, all of which you can now change.

Time to be a mindful eater! 

 Mindful slimming. How to start...

Listen to the weight loss hypnosis for a week, one session per day for 7 days. Then once per week until you feel you don't need it.

During this coming week, take stock of your current behaviours and environment. Write them down, notice what you do and why you are doing them.

Notice what you do and start to write it down,
Notice your current pattern of behaviour in the areas mentioned above.

That's all you need to do for now. Do it for 7 days, 7 normal days of normal everyday life without really changing anything. Just notice what and how you do things now. The first step to being a mindful slimmer is to be mindful of what you are doing now!

After a week of listening to the hypnosis and noticing things, start to focus your mind in the next sections which I will let you know by email when they are ready for you to go grab.

BTW, you can post a comment, let me know how you are getting on or ask a question right here in the course. Just pop it in the comments below each course page.

Here if you need me :))

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