Let’s start by considering what exercise is. It is just movement plain and simple. What do you do if you go to a gym or attend a class? You move. What do you do on a day to day basis anyway? You move. Movement is bending, stretching, twisting, picking things up, walking and or running, working your body. Your body has been designed to do this, so just do it. 

The fitness industry has you by the short and curlies to a certain extent. It, along with the food industry, sports clothing industry and the weight loss industry, force-feed you the latest trends and fads which they all want you to participate in. It makes them money. What you eat and what exercise you do are all over the internet, on TV, in magazines and newspapers, on bookshelves and CD racks. Your instructions, and how they want you to live, are everywhere!

Just a quick note here;
If you are currently part of a weight loss group of any kind, adding in movement will greatly improve your results. This course is the perfect companion for any weight loss program.

Time to break the mould.

Turn everyday life into a gym workout with Mindful Movement and 5-minute workouts.

How it works

You live in the real world, you have your own reality. The things you do on a day to day basis. You will start here by focusing on what you are doing anyway, but doing them with a purpose! This will begin to create a focus and a behavioural pattern which helps focus the mind on moving more and moving better. It creates both a physical and a mental connection and benefit. You will be burning more calories by doing nothing different!

Then adding into your day, the 5-minute workouts you now have. These are designed to total a 30-minute workout by the end of the day, however, you decide how to fit them in. 

Do this every day and you will have completed 3 hours in the gym without going! Plus get the same benefits because the exercises are the same.

Keeping track of what you are doing, how you are feeling and what you are going to do is an important part of life, not just fitness. You will keep a journal.

This course will give you a simple but clear view of life and fitness and introduce you to the concepts of the 'Purposeful 5' and the 'structured 5' ways of getting your backside into gear and finally achieving a better body on your terms.

By the end of this course, you will...

  • Understand the concept of 5-minute workouts. 
  • Be moving mindfully all day without changing your routine
  • Be able to slot in a purposeful workout whenever you want
  • Have a library of effective exercise routines at your fingertips
  • Create a habit of movement that will stick
  • Get the results you want to see

Equipment Needed

The beauty of the Home Workout Plan is that you don't really need much at all. 

The only piece of kit I strongly recommend is a stretchy exercise band. They are the cheapest but most effective and underrated exercise accessory on the market today! You can get them online or from most sports outlets or shops these days. A quick google search will do it. 

Look for the sets of 3 if you can, easy, medium and hard. They will take up as much room in a draw as your knickers! It will fit into a pocket or bag. When you are ready, just whip it out and have a workout!! 

You won't need these for a few days yet so start looking now.

Other than that you will learn how to use your environment and yourself, and you have all that already!

How to get the most out of this plan

Be open to new possibilities. Start to change your beliefs and focus on what you can, NOT what you can't do. 

Learn the techniques I'm sharing with you and implement them one step at a time. You are changing habits and allowing them to blend into your normal day, not trying to change your world overnight! That might be why you came up short the last time. You will have...

  • Full video instruction on how to do the exercises
  • Downloadable workouts and programs
  • A journal template to keep your positive mind going, just print it out 
  • Hypnosis to get your subconscious mind on your side

Get Moving - What to do

  1. Start with the hypnosis, get a head start (literally). 
  2. Download the purposeful movement handouts and become mindful of what you are doing.
  3. Watch the videos, do the exercises, practice till you know them (practising is a workout in itself!) 
  4. Start your 5-minute workouts when you are ready.
  5. Journal journal journal. Focus the mind and keep moving forward.

I have purposefully set this course up to allow you to succeed. You succeed by implementing the new habits and movements one at a time. Therefore not everything is available at once. So over the next few days, I will send you an email letting you know a section has been released to you. If you get it all at once you will probably end up doing none of them.

What is the hypnosis for?


In order to help you create the desire to move and the action to move, the mind is the first place to start. Your subconscious mind is very powerful and sometimes conspires to stop your best intentions. This simple audio will firmly place your subconscious mind on the right track to success! 

Questions? You can post a comment, let me know how you are getting on or ask a question right here in the course. Just pop it in the comments below each course page.

Paul :))

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