How To Get Started - The Set Up

Quite simply a click, copy and paste approach to earning some extra dosh!

So you have tried the courses, read the book or joined me in some way and found out how easy it is to create a better lifestyle for yourself. People are asking you how you do it? You send them a special link in an email, a Facebook post or message, on Whatsapp, Twitter, in fact anywhere you can copy and paste a link. They click your link and decide to join us. YOU GET PAID. It's that simple!

How to set it up

Go to your dashboard and click the drop-down menu and click on Affiliate

This will take you to the Affiliate sign up page. Here all you need to do is enter your Paypal login email (the email address that is used to sign in to your Paypal account). Once you have done this, just hit submit.

At this point, affiliate payments can only be made into a PayPal account, If you do not have one it is super simple to get one

This will take you to Your own personal affiliate page. You will see all the courses listed here, more being added all the time.

You will notice that beside each product is a link, a URL. These links are the ones you copy and then paste where ever you need.

You will notice that at the end of the link address is a set of letters. This is your unique code for that product. This is how the system knows that any purchases made through that link, 30% of it is payable to you.

You can share individual products and courses or just pop in the link to the whole storefront with everything on it.

How and when you get paid

At the end of each month, I take a look at who has sent me customers and who needs paying. I just click pay, and my Paypal sends money to your Paypal.

By clicking into Overview, all the links clicked and subsequent purchases made and payments due are recorded here in an easy to understand layout. 

The other thing to check out is your ever-growing Paypal account!

Affiliate Program

Quite simply a click, copy and paste approach to earning some extra dosh!

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