Choose To Be Happy by Paul Knight

Choose To Be Happy

A hypnosis track to stop the grumpy and release the happy. A mini book to keep you on track. Life is better with your happy goggles on!!!

Happiness is a choice

We all want only 2 things in life. To be happy and avoid conflict.
That's happy with ourselves and the world around us and avoiding conflict with others and the internal conflict we have with ourselves (the internal chatter).

Both effect our happiness in some shape or form either directly or indirectly. Time release your inner happy mojo!

What You Get

The Happy 7 Guide PLUS the Choose To Be Happy hypnosis MP3.
Just download and go!
All hypnosis is delivered by a Master Practitioner)

How It Works

Listen to the hypnosis track each day and follow the task for that day in the accompanying mini book. That's it, that simple.

You will soon be feeling more positive and relaxed about life. This in turn helps with actually achieving the other goals you may want to set yourself. 

  • A successful slimmer is a happy slimmer. 
  • Getting fit and healthy is easier when you are feeling happy
  • Life gets better when you look at it through happy eyes

What's included?

File Icon 2 files


How to Be Happy - Start Here
3d choose to be happy.mp3
18 mins
HAPPY 7.pdf
26.5 MB

Busy Healthy Happy

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