Beginners Guide To Getting Fit And Losing Weight by Paul Knight

To get fitter than you are now, you just move more than you do now!

It's really no more complicated than that! The secret is to know how to move (exercise) to get the desired results AND in a way that is repeatable on a day to day basis without having to change your day. This course shows you how easy that actually is to get going. 

Welcome to The beginners guide for getting fit and losing weight the easiest way possible

Inside the guide, I will share with you 3 simple things you can do today without changing your day, but will have a positive effect on how you look and feel.

Getting fitter, burning calories, toning your muscles and improving your posture. All done by walking, sitting and making a cuppa in a different way! PLUS a bonus weight loss tip the weight loss industry doesn't want you to know about!!

Simple, YES. Effective, YES. Habit forming, YES. Easy to fit into your day and maintain, YES. IT'S THE PERFECT WAY TO START

Move. Mood. Food. The success cycle.

Moving more than you did before will make you fitter. Moving more improves your mood. Your mood determines how and how often you move. A better mood effects your food choices. Your food choices in turn has an effect on your mood. All 3 are linked, all 3 matter, all 3 are easy to improve. Its the cycle of success that just keeps giving once started.

Beginners Guide To Getting Fit And Losing Weight

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What people are saying

"That was the best cup of coffee I didn't have ever lol! Thanks Paul"
"I walk like I'm late without thinking about it now and I feel great" :)
"That video you shared about posture, an eye opener, thanks"

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Getting Started
It's all about Mood
3 Things
Sit Up Straight (posture)
13 mins
Walk Like You Are Late (calorie burning)
The Kettle Wait (body toning)
1 min
What Next?
Move Mood Food

A Bit About Me :)

Bringing old school thinking right up to date!
As a life long fitness trainer, lifestyle coach and NLP practitioner specialising in home and outdoor exercise, I have stripped down to the essentials everything you need to become fitter, slimmer and in control of your busy modern lifestyle without the need for gyms or diets. It's that simple you will be wishing you had been doing it this way for years!