Affiliate Program by Paul Knight

Affiliate Program

Quite simply a click, copy and paste approach to earning some extra dosh!

Earn 30% Commission For Telling Folks About My Courses & Products

As an affiliate, you earn 30% commission by referring my products.

When you sign up (it’s free), you’ll get a special link that you can share with your friends, family and colleagues.

You can share the link on social media, your website, blog, or Facebook group. In fact anywhere you can copy and paste!

If someone purchases one of my products using your link, you earn a commission.
It’s very easy, and I show you how to get started in no time inside this free mini course

Quite simply, It's a click, copy and paste approach to earning some extra dosh!

If you know people you can do this

Whether you have your own website or blog, a Facebook profile or other social media following, you can do this. Know a lot of people at work or belong to some kind of group, be it Facebook or maybe a slimming group, you can do this. Know people overseas, you can do this.

Got Family, Friends, Colleagues, You Can Do This!
Get your tablet, phone or laptop out and get clicking!

What's included?

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Becoming an Affiliate
How To Get Started - The Set Up
How To Quickly Start Sharing
Why should I?
Stuff to help you
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