9 Week Lifestyle Restyle Plan by Paul Knight

9 Week Lifestyle Restyle Plan

A new and refreshingly simple approach to fitness, health and happiness that anyone can do. Discover a better way to think, move and eat with awesome results (that will last a lifetime)! A uniquely easy to do approach to life that will leave you wishing you had found it years ago.

This is for you if...

  • Life is leaving you feeling stressed out
  • You feel frumpy and unfit but the thought of joining a gym brings you out in spots! 
  • You crave an alternative to weight loss without having to go down the dieting route (again!)
  • You have been there and got the T-shirt and nothing worked long term!!

This is for you if you want to create a stress free life in a body you like the easiest way possible!

Then take this simple approach to life.

Be happy

By the end of this course you will have learned a more positive way of dealing with life. Goodbye stress, hello happy.

Lose weight

By the end of this course you will be losing weight with just a few simple changes to the way you eat and think about food.

Get fit

By the end of this course you will be easily turning everyday life into a workout you can easily keep going. 

How it works

You will use what you already do like breathing, talking, walking, eating, moving, and thinking but doing them slightly differently. Each week you get a new smart habit to include into your normal day. Each new behaviour links to the last one building the life you want but without drastically changing your life to get it!
And the best bit is, it's all done for you to just follow along! Available on any device 24/7 for life!!
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What you get

Everything you need including Journals, videos, workbooks, hypnosis tracks, ready made workouts you can do anywhere, simple habit forming methods and plenty of support. All designed to fit into your day, without changing your day. You won't find anything like it anywhere else!

So here is the big question you need to ask yourself

"What people are saying"

I’ve lost 18lbs! I’m so happy with the results, can’t believe how easy it was to change just a few things and get such a great reward!  I feel fitter, healthier and my energy levels are way up there! Thank you Paul.
JO (private client)
Hey that's clever, kettle press ups, I'm going to try that!
SAM (drinks a lot of tea)
Why didn't anyone tell me this before! Thanks Paul x
PAULA (works from home)

Years in the making

In my 35 years of coaching people, I have seen all the trends come and go, I know what works and more importantly, what is a waste of your precious time! This is what I do. It's what my clients do and now I'm sharing it with you!
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What's included?

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9 Week Lifestyle Restyle

Week 1 - Notice and Note
Start Here
lifestyle restyle journal.pdf
2.13 MB
The Tap
Week 2 - Fitness - Let's Get Quick and Quirky
Rules for this week
week 2 - Quirkycise.pdf
3.11 MB
Week 3 - Weight Loss - It's Just Water And Listening
The steps for this week (it's just water and listening)
3D Easy Weight Loss.mp3
18 mins
Lifestyle restyle new eating pattern.pdf
2.2 MB
Week 4 - Beating Stress - Living Happy no.1
Rules for this week
3d choose to be happy.mp3
18 mins
The 2 minute breath
just breathe.mp4
2 mins
Week 5 - Fitness - Home circuit training
What to do this week
the home workout revolution (circuit edition).pdf
6.47 MB
Week 6 - Weight loss - Mindful shopping
Rules for this week
Mindful slimming - be your own marketing agency.pdf
738 KB
mindful shopping.pdf
931 KB
Week 7 - Beating stress - Living Happy no.2
What you are doing this week
Week 8 - Fitness - Walking
A week of walking habits
Mindful Walking
Week 9 - Weight loss - stop snacking
What to do this week
14 mins
stop snacking lifestyle restyle.pdf
657 KB
What is the next step to take?