5 Life Book by Paul Knight

5 Life Book

Life and how to make yours better in 5 minutes. Life Coaching for busy people

What's inside

Is life getting you down? Do you want an easy way to fight back?
Life is not as complicated as you think it is when you think about it!

‘5 Life’ empowers you to take a refreshingly simple approach to life by discovering 5 minute habits of focus and action that will ultimately enable you to take life in your stride.

In this stupidly simple, easy to read guide, I introduce you to a number of actionable steps you can make right now to create a positive, stress free attitude to life.

Just imagine if you could use things you do already like walking, talking and breathing to your advantage. How cool would that be! And that’s just the start!

Decide to easily change your lifestyle, sit back, and watch your life change for the better!

Part of the 5 life series of books - Simple habit-forming practices for a different way of living, eating, moving and thinking which are both sustainable and life-changing, no matter how busy your life has become.

What's included?

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