Lifestyle, Fitness & Weight Loss For Busy People

Welcome to my courses where I help you build the life you want in a body you like on your terms while still getting on with the day.

5 Life Club

Do you want to live a happier life in a body you actually like? Join the club!

Busy But Fit 7 day challenge

Just one week of small habit changes will make a huge difference, even when you have the housework, kids and work to do!
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The Ultimate Lifestyle Weight Loss & Fitness Pack For Busy Women

Everything you need to be fitter, slimmer and happier. It's all here in one big happy bundle
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The Mindful Slimming Plan

Imagine having a step by step plan to make meal times a slimming experience you actually enjoyed and created behaviours that made sensible eating a habit, ALL DAY! Start mindful slimming and see the difference today.
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The complete 5 minute workout plan for busy women

Discover how to turn your everyday life into a workout without having to turn your everyday life upside down in order to do it. Perfect for the busy woman
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The Belief Buster

Do you want to live a happier life? What's holding you back? It's probably only you! Let's change that right now and start to change the way you think about yourself and the life you have around you!
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The 5 Life Journal

A 30-day journal of doing something different to help you create the life you want. PDF download you just print off and do!
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Total Body Relaxation

De-Stress your mind with this 15-minute audio. Find a place to lie down, switch off the outside world, pop some headphones on and click play.
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Affiliate Program

Earn 20% Commission For Telling People About My Products. Easy to set up. Easy to do. Even for technophobes!
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The Ultimate Walking Guide to a healthy mind and body

Discover the new way of walking. Mind-walk to de-stress and focus. Walk-fit to get a full body workout on the go. Anytime of the day, anywhere.
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